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    whOOseC specialises in a range of illumination products for those who wish to add something unique to their customers’ entertainment experience. The ever-changing arena of marketing products is in our reach, and we wish to extend this reach to you.

    whOOseC’s team goal is to offer new and innovative technology. We source and tailor specific, cutting-edge marketing ideas, from around the globe. Products that, in turn transform your advertisements into enchanting visual mediums for you, your customer, and for us!

    whOOseC is the first organisation in Australia to develop, design and distribute Bright Board technology. The whOOseC team are passionate about marketing Bright Board technology Australia-wide and internationally.

    whOOseC is a rapidly growing, young business with offices located in Sydney, Melbourne, Bendigo, Brisbane, Chicago and London in the making. whOOseC is a subsidiary of DJ Merchandising, established for over 25 years.